Mark Chaskelson

Senior Front-end Developer

About me

With over a decade of design experience in digital design and web development, I will make a useful addition to your creative team. I am proficient in UX and UI, as well as a self taught front end developer. With a degree in digital design I fell in love with web work and am now proficient in CSS+HTML and WordPress+Woo-commerce development. This has allowed me to work with PHP and learn to bring my ideas to life.

With over a decade in the business, I have worked for both small web agencies and large digital marketing firms before starting a 3 year freelancing career which has kept me busy as I made my way from Cape Town to London and finally Bangkok.

In my time as a freelancer I have played all the roles required to get a job signed off, from salesman, to project manager, lead designer, developer and finally client service consultant. So far we have a bunch of happy clients.

User Experience & Interface Design 0%
Graphic & Digital design 0%
Illustration & icon design 0%
Branding & Corporate Identity 0%
Conceptual Campaign Work 0%

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Passionate about web work.

User Experience Design requires critical thinking, a good design sense and a strong technical background. I enjoy improving user interaction through the meticulous implementation of logic and accumulated experience. I am always curious about how things work and why they work this way. Understanding the user is key, and I put a lot of effort into empathising with the demographic. My passion for webdesign and technology has always allowed me to meet challenges head on and learn the technical skills to meet challenges head on.

Currently Under Construction.

Part of loving what you do means you want to keep evolving. I am striving to become a quality web developer so I am currently working my butt off to master the following languages:

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Why I would like to work for you.

As you can probably tell by the name in the header, I am currently freelancing under the banner “Creative Monarchy”.  However I would like to settle down and work with a team of motivated designers and developers who can help me keep my skills sharp and will allow for the resources to do bigger and better projects. To be honest I miss agency life, I am a social creature by nature and look forward to being part of a team again.

We have worked with Mark for a little over 5 years on various projects and his work has always exceeded our expectations, he has hit every deadline we have thrown at him (some of which have been nail bitingly tight). He has become an honorary member of our team here and I would highly recommend him.
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CEO tribalfish -
Mark proactively engages with briefs and creates digital experiences that focus on intuitive user-experiences and client-centric objectives.

He draws upon her wealth of experience and innate understanding of the digital realm to propose solutions to problems, which have yet to be anticipated by anyone else. This can prove daunting, however he adds value to projects at every point he becomes involved.

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Manager, TouchBasePro
Creative Monarchy TOOLS43oihf2 Mark Chaskelson


Branding, UX / UI, Web dev
Creative Monarchy TOOLS43oihf2 Mark Chaskelson

The Aanandi Group

UX / UI, Web dev
Creative Monarchy TOOLS43oihf2 Mark Chaskelson

Align IT Solutions

Branding, Web dev
Creative Monarchy TOOLS43oihf2 Mark Chaskelson


Web dev

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