Ford Ranger Odyssey 2015

UX / Design / Campaign

The Challenge

The Ford Ranger Odyssey Challenge has been a yearly staple at Ford South Africa since it launched in 2013. The Challenge asks “Are you tough enough to tackle the most brutal terrain you’ll ever drive and then ask for more?”, and takes participants on the experience of a lifetime in, you guessed it, the ultra-tough Ford Ranger.

2015 was gearing up to be the most successful year yet, and the company approached Danae’s team at Aqua to create an immersive and comprehensive social, marketing and web solution for their campaign.

The Idea

Apart from fun and engaging guerrilla social marketing, we were tasked with refreshing the competition identity and creating an informative and vibrant campaign site. The site would have to include user registrations, updates, the odyssey course, mini competitions and house the video archives of the previous years.

Creative Monarchy copy Ford Ranger Odyssey 2015


This was an integral part of the experience and had to be aligned to the sub-identity of the Ford Ranger’s tone.
Creative Monarchy copy Ford Ranger Odyssey 2015

user experience

The users needed a seamless and breezy registration process, as well easy access to all the competition info.
Creative Monarchy copy Ford Ranger Odyssey 2015


The Ford Ranger Odyssey Challenge needed its own rugged, tough and recognisable sub-identity and branding.
Creative Monarchy copy Ford Ranger Odyssey 2015

UI Design

This sub-identity was then applied to the campaign site as well as all social, video and print collateral.

The Result

The success of the Ford Ranger Odyssey continues unabated this year with a record number of entries and participants. We were very fortunate to be involved in such an exciting adventure. You can view the sweat and tears here.

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