MTN New World Business

UX / Design / Branding

The Challenge

MTN is a major GSM cellular network operator delivering service in South Africa and other African countries. They were in a unique position to give back to developing communities by facilitating entrepreneurship and small businesses across the African continent.

While working at Aqua Online in South Africa, Danae was part of the team tasked to figure out how best to leverage MTN’s reach and penetration to provide practical benefits for MTN Business subscribers.

The Idea

We came up with the idea of providing access to an MTN Business Portal that would provide (airtime and data) free tools that would benefit small and medium businesses throughout Africa. These tools included – among others – business templates such as a business card builder and professional invoice / quote generator which would be easy to use and customisable. We also proposed the idea of a data-free advertising platform for entrepreneurs.

Creative Monarchy copy MTN New World Business

Idea Generation

Weeks of brainstorming resulted in a fresh, competitive idea that would result in new levels of brand love.
Creative Monarchy copy MTN New World Business

user experience

The UX required careful consideration as the target audience are from lower LSM backgrounds.
Creative Monarchy copy MTN New World Business


MTN has a solid and recognisable brand, but required an identity subset for their New World Business platform.
Creative Monarchy copy MTN New World Business

UI Design

The new identity had to be translated into digital to provide a recognisable, but simple interface for the user.

The Result

Due to budget priorities the project was put on hold for a 2016 – 2017 launch, but there was a lot of excitement around the idea, and MTN in particular applauded us for our ability to think outside the box and increase brand affinity for a particularly needy sector.

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