Standard Bank Youth Portal

UX / Design / Branding

The Challenge

Growing up is scary for most of us, which is why one of the “SA Big Four banks” – Standard Bank – launched their Student Achiever series of products which provides a host of specific benefits for young folk. Danae was part of the team that was approached by the bank to create a fun, vibrant and informative space online for students and young adults.

The portal would include useful tools – such as a budgeting tool linked to your Student Achiever account, and a goal setting tool – as well as a fun and engaging advice blog section for sensible spending and saving as your financial stability grows.

The Idea

The team brainstormed and refined the types of tools and functionality that would be most useful to our target audience consisting of smart, savvy and dedicated youths. The tone and branding was carefully considered to engage without alienating, as financial institutions are often perceived to be stuffy and out of touch.

Creative Monarchy copy Standard Bank Youth Portal

Idea Generation

The portal required weeks of research and a comprehensive understanding of its users to be effective and well-adopted.
Creative Monarchy copy Standard Bank Youth Portal

user experience

With such a wealth of tools and information, the UX aspect of this project was the most grueling and rewarding.
Creative Monarchy copy Standard Bank Youth Portal


Standard Bank is a well known brand in South Africa, but needed a complementary identity to appeal to younger users.
Creative Monarchy copy Standard Bank Youth Portal

UI Design

This new identity was then applied digitally to create a bold, vibrant and fun environment for these youngsters.

The Result

The site launched successfully and has undergone much testing and transformation since, as all community websites must. It enjoys high traffic to this day, has facilitated an increase in Student accounts, and is much loved by its users as well as the bank’s shareholders.

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