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Bespoke website design solutions for any business

Each client that approaches us has individual goals, calling for unique feats of User Experience design. Creative Monarchy caters to many clients from across the globe from many business sectors, and no web design project is big or too small for us to handle – a solution for every need!

A simple site to tell people what you do

If you just need a professional online presence abrochure style website is just what you need. Let us design a modern user experience that introduces you to your clients. tells them what you do, shows off your services and tell lets them know how to contact you. We can also guide you on creative ways to deliver unique brand messages. Typically brochure websites include 5 to 10 pages of content.

Sell Products On An Online Store

An Ecommerce website is what you need to sell your goods online. Ecommerce websites allow you to list your products in a web standard or bespoke way (depending on your business), so that customers can easily search and find relevant products. They are then able to pay online via cash, card or Paypal to complete the sale. We love coming up with creative and intuitive ways to sell online.

List Products Without Online Payments

A catalogue website is the type of website for clients that have a collection of items or products to display, but do not want to sell online. We are able to offer you the same amazing features as an eCommerce website with regards to a great user experience and intuitive sorting and matching of products dynamically without the added layer of sales.

Take Online Bookings & Manage Schedules

If you need to take bookings online then an online booking and scheduling website is perfect for you. Book anything online, rooms, tables, appointments, time slots, what ever. We can manage your automated email reminders, confirmations and any other admin task that is related to bookings.

Write About Stuff

If you have interesting things to say on certain topics and want to start writing and sharing articles, news snippets, audio & video clips then a blog website is right for you. Quickly and easily post updates on your website from any device that has an internet connection. Let your readers see live updates and share your articles online. We will give you all the tools to manage your article categories with ease.

A Combination Of These

The mentioned scenarios are just the most common types of websites we work on, but we love a challenge, so if you need a combination of these websites or something more bespoke we would love to hear it. We take care to deliver unique and creative solutions to all the briefs we get and are happy to spitball any website ideas you may have.

Website design for any budget

No job too big or small

We can power pack a website with just about anything you can imagine, but often you just want a simple website to suit a modest budget, we would love to come up with a proposal for you. We love our startups on tight budgets just as much as our big fish industry titans, we have a solution just right for you.

Update Your Own Website. Anytime. Anywhere

We love CMS (Content Management Systems). To be more specific, we love WordPress. Once we are done designing and devloping your new website we will provide you with admin login details so you can jump online and edit, update or tweak your content. We build onto the CMS system and make sure the process of keeping your content updated is as simple as “drag and drop”, no need to learn coding, HTML or CSS in order to manage your site, we will also guide and support you long after the job is done.

Responsive: Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Internet users in today use their mobiles or tablets to browse the internet, so mobile optimised website are a necessity. Google has even included mobile friendliness as a ranking factor.  Our websites are built to meet modern standards and are all developed to be mobile responsive, this means your website will automatically shift and re-scale to suit any screen size. Our editing tools will manage this for you, so no need to concern yourself with the technicalities.

Google & Seo Smart

We love Google and we know how important it is for Google to love your website, so we follow strict guidelines that make sure that your website moves up the search rankings.  Our CMS platforms are fantastic when it comes to SEO (Google/Bing/Yahoo) and we will make sure your website is optimised for results. Need a little more “oomph” in getting your site up the rankings faster? We can help with that as well.

Hello There

A note from the Creative Monarchy team

Now that the long sell is over we would just like to say hi and tell you that Creative Monarchy is a small and experienced team of freelancers – we provide big agency quality at freelance rates. Simply put, we love what we do and we do it well.

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